Who am I exactly? Here is my direct line. I am at the very bottom of course (Zachary Griffith). Soon, I plan to post names of those that branch off of the family below in hopes that they will discover this site. My ultimate goal is to discover pictures, stories, rumors, items, heir looms, ANYTHING that anyone might know about any of my grandfathers/mothers listed below, or anyone that links off of them for that matter. The truth of the matter is, I don't know anything, and none of my living relatives seem to know much either. Please, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

:: Pictures of George William Griffith with children below ::

Relationship to Zachary Allen Griffith (information taken from www.blackburn-tree.org)

William Griffith
b. 1666
in Radnorshire, Wales
John Griffith
1692 - 1745
Amy Morgan
1689 - 1762
Thomas Griffith
1708 - 1769
Eve Faulkner
William (Owen) Griffith
1742/43 - 1832
Sarah Hammond
1743 - 1821
Thomas Griffith
1767 - 1842
William Griffith
1790 - 1854
Elizabeth Wolf
1797 - 1825?
John (William) Griffith
1825 - 1876
Elizabeth Woods
1824 - 1908
George William Griffith
1857 - 1926
Amanda Pleasant Weaver
1870 - 1928
Guy Griffith
1891 - 1977
Maude Rebecca Steward
1897 - 1967
Robert Lee Griffith
1928 - 1988
Marlene Faye Rose
Ricky Allen Griffith
Lynn Bernham
Zachary Allen Griffith
Zachary Allen Griffith is the 9 x great grandson of William Griffith
Note: I am also the 9 x great grandson of John Blackburn, b. 1643 - 1723

Guy is my great grandfather at the top right. I have already located one person who has this exact photograph. Please! Once again, do not hesitate to email me or call with any detail of our family past, no matter how small it might seem.

George William Griffith with wife Amanda Pleasant Weaver. Twins are Guy and Roy Griffith. Other son on left is Harry. I estimate George to be around 33 or 34 in this picture. The twins clearly look like newborns, and they were born on November 11, 1890. George was born in 1857. 1890 take away 1857 puts his age right at around 33, perhaps 34. Roy died 37 days after birth, and the only information I found (from my great Aunt Bessie, Guy's daughter) was a rumor she heard when she was a little girl that someone was holding Roy over their lap in a wagon. So perhaps the baby was not supported correctly, was dropped, bumped up and down too much, I have no idea. Here is a brief WAV file of her talking about it: Click to listen.

Here is a list of names of people I would like to contact. If you have discovered this list, and see your name here, PLEASE contact me about any pictures that may have been passed down to you, stories you heard about your parents/grandparents, heir looms and items passed down to you, etc. I'm related to every single name here, and you never know when a distant cousin has an album, single picture, or faint rembrance of rumors about an interesting past family event. Listed as well are family that are deceased -- my hope is that distant relatives will look up their great grandparents for family history/geneology information and find me. Names often do not pop up on simple google searches if they are deep within a geneology database. Please note that all names are public record and no living individual's personal information (birthdate for example) is revealed.

William Griffith, b. 13 Jan 1742/43, Sadsbury Twp., Chester, PA
Elizabeth Griffith, b. 19 Oct 1744, , York, PA
John Griffith, b. 8 Mar 1746/47, , York, PA
Susanna Griffith, b. 6 Jun 1749, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Mary Griffith, b. 19 Jun 1751, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Rebecca Griffith, b. 1755, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Eve Griffith, b. 1757, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Thomas Griffith, b. 25 May 1758, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Ann Griffith, b. 17 Mar 1761, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Jesse Griffith, b. 1763, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA

Thomas Griffith, b. 1 Sep 1767, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
William Griffith, b. 15 Mar 1777, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Jesse Griffith, b. 21 Nov 1779, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA
Abner Griffith, b. 22 Jan 1784, Menallen Twp., Adams, PA

Elizabeth Griffith, b. 22 Jan 1786, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Sarah Griffith, b. Abt 1789, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
William Griffith, b. Abt 1790, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Samuel Griffith, b. Abt 1791, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Griffith, b. Abt 1793, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Rebecca Griffith, b. 22 Apr 1798, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Anne Griffith, b. 18 Mar 1800, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Thomas Griffith, b. 25 Apr 1802, , Somerset, PA
Margaret Griffith, b. 15 Feb 1804, , Somerset, PA
Susannah Griffith, b. 10 Jan 1806, , Somerset, PA
John Griffith, b. 7 Mar 1808, , Somerset, PA
Jesse Griffith, b. 6 May 1810, , Somerset, PA
Abner Griffith, b. 28 Jan 1812, , Somerset, PA

Hannah Blackburn, b. 5 Feb 1816, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Blackburn, b. 19 Aug 1819, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Ann Rebecca Blackburn, b. 17 Jan 1821, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mahlon Blackburn, b. 14 Nov 1824, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Elizabeth Mock, b. Abt 1832, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mariah Mock, b. Abt 1835, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
William Mock, b. Abt 1836, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Rachel Mock, b. 4 Feb 1839, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Jeremiah Mock, b. Abt 1840, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Hiram Mock, b. Abt 1843, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Ann Mock
Sarah Mock, b. Abt 1846, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Daniel Mock, b. Abt 1848, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Eli Mock, b. May 1849, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
David Mock, b. 9 Aug 1850, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Job Mock, b. 27 Jul 1852, Ryot, Bedford, PA
Eliza Jane Mock, b. Abt 1853, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
John Mock, b. Abt 1855, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Ellen Minerva Mock, b. Dec 1857, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Emanuel Mock, b. Abt 1859, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Miranda Mock, b. 28 Aug 1859, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Levi Mock

George E. Lingenfelter, b. 21 Jan 1848, , Bedford, PA
John Lingenfelter, b. Mar 1850, , Bedford, PA
Rebecca M. Lingenfelter, b. 1854, , Bedford, PA
William Watson Lingenfelter, b. 18 Dec 1856, , Bedford, PA
Eliza Lingenfelter, b. 1859, , Bedford, PA
Richard M. Lingenfelter, b. 23 Apr 1863, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Eliel A. Lingenfelter, b. 16 Jan 1866, , Bedford, PA
Ralph Lingenfelter
Ella M. Lingenfelter, b. 1873, , Bedford, PA

Edwin C. Lingenfelter, b. Abt 1878, Union Twp., Bedford, PA
Harley E. Lingenfelter, b. Jul 1881, Union Twp., Bedford, PA
Nellie Mae Lingenfelter, b. Abt 1886, , , PA
Charles Emmit Lingenfelter, b. 24 May 1894, , , PA

Bertha May Lingenfelter, b. Mar 1893, , , PA
Sewell Lingenfelter, b. 28 Apr 1896, , , PA
Ray S. Lingenfelter, b. 8 Jan 1898, , , PA
Ira Lingenfelter, b. 14 Aug 1899, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Martha R. Lingenfelter, b. Abt 1901, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Anna Lingenfelter, b. 20 Nov 1902, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Rebecca Jane Lingenfelter
Eliel Ross Lingenfelter, b. 23 May 1907, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Susan Verna Lingenfelter, b. 14 Dec 1908, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Elmira Lingenfelter, b. Abt 1911, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA

Curtis M. Turner, b. 8 Sep 1903, Colerain Twp., Bedford, PA
Arlene Turner
Debbie Melius
Stephen W. Melius
Gail Melius
Sharon D. Melius, b. 7 Oct 1959, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA

Candi J. Karns
Misty Dawn Karns, b. 15 Nov 1982, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA
Sunshine A. Karns
Kirsten Allie Jones
Daniel R. Wishard
Justin T. Wishard

Elvin R. Lingenfelter, b. 23 May 1920, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Ray Calvin Lingenfelter
June Lingenfelter, b. 1928, Kimmel Twp., Bedford, PA

Elizabeth Garn, b. Abt 1856, , , OH
Mary Anne Garn, b. Abt 1858, , , OH
Hannah Garn, b. Jan 1858, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH
Delilah Garn, b. Abt 1861, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH
Sarah C. Garn, b. Abt 1863, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH
Minnie S. Garn, b. Oct 1865, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH
John C. Garn, b. Abt 1869, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH

Delilah Claycomb, b. 29 Apr 1878, Jackson Twp., Sandusky, OH
Alexander Claycomb, b. 14 Oct 1851, , , PA

Warren Mock, b. Nov 1862, , , IN
Hugh Mock, b. Abt 1867, , , IL
Leora Mock, b. Abt 1871, Home Twp., Brown, MN
Everett Mock, b. 1880, Muncie, Delaware, IN

1. Homer J. Mock, b. 8 Jun 1890, Muncie, Delaware, IN

Cleone Kidnocker, b. Nov 1891, Muncie, Delaware, IN
Gilbert W. Kidnocker, b. Nov 1868, , , OH

Richard Adolph Mock, b. 17 Apr 1861, , Bedford, PA
Alonzo Mock, b. 3 Oct 1862, , Bedford, PA
Edmond G. Mock, b. 25 Jun 1864, , , PA

Jacob Mock, b. May 1865, , , OH
Elizabeth Mock, b. Abt 1868, , , OH
Cora Mary Mock, b. Abt 1870, Clay Twp., Ottawa, OH

George Mock, b. Abt 1875, , , OH
Emelia Mock, b. Abt 1877, , , OH

Harry Miller
Nathan H. Miller

Malora E. Mock, b. 10 Feb 1875, , , PA
Amy I. Mock, b. Abt 1878, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Warren Trimbath Mock, b. 7 Nov 1883, , , PA
George Croson Mock, b. 13 May 1887, , , PA
William Clyde Mock, b. 14 Aug 1889, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Jessie L. Mock, b. Jun 1896, , , PA
Lloyd C. Mock, b. Abt 1901, Dale, Cambria, PA

Walter B. Wissinger, b. 27 Jan 1892, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Edgar L. Wissinger, b. 6 Apr 1895, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Harry W. Wissinger, b. 23 Nov 1896, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Crawford Schooley Wissinger, b. 6 Sep 1900, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Dewitt C. Wissinger, b. 1905, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Sarah E. Wissinger, b. 1909, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Paul Bruce Wissinger, b. 12 May 1918, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Esther Wissinger, b. Abt 1921, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Ray V. Wissinger, b. Abt 1925, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Donald H. Mock, b. 1906, , , PA
Ralph Mock, b. 22 Oct 1908, Dale, Cambria, PA
Dean Mock, b. 2 Aug 1910, Dale, Cambria, PA
Fern Mock, b. Abt 1913, Dale, Cambria, PA
Ethel Mock, b. 1915, Dale, Cambria, PA

Earl C. Mock, b. Abt 1909, Dale, Cambria, PA
Norman Mock, b. Abt 1911, Dale, Cambria, PA
Thomas Mock, b. Abt 1914, , , PA
George R. Mock, b. 1918, , , PA
Verna Mock, b. 1919, , , PA
Mildred Mock, b. Abt 1922, Altoona, Blair, PA
Renetta Mock, b. Abt 1926, Altoona, Blair, PA

Dorothy M. Mock, b. 1925, , , MD
Lillian E. Mock, b. 1927, , , MD

Estella Mock, b. Apr 1880, Madison Twp., Sandusky, OH
Mabel Mock, b. Aug 1884, , , OH

Nellie Mock, b. 5 Feb 1875, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Harvey John Mock, b. 1 Dec 1881, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Reta R. Mock, b. 14 Oct 1892, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Marie Mildred Mock, b. 1 Oct 1900, New Paris, Bedford, PA

Betty Louise Cuppett, b. 4 Dec 1921, New Paris, Bedford, PA
Jane Elizabeth Cuppett, b. 8 Dec 1928, New Paris, Bedford, PA

Judy Louise Onstead
Jeffrey William Onstead
Joan Louise Onstead
Joel William Onstead
Jeanette Louise Onstead

Annette Louise Miller

Jennifer Louise Callihan
Justin Harry Callihan

Brandon Onstead (this person has another sibling possibly?)

Jessica Marie Stultz
Adam David Stultz

Kathie Lea Manges
Gregory Edmund Manges
Stacey Jo Manges

Kristie Dawn Bardell
Sean Terry Bardell

Addison Elizabeth Foor

Shaina Marie Manges
Breann Nicole Manges

Coltt Winter Lepley

William Clarence Reininger, b. 26 Mar 1881, , , PA
Alvin Gerome Reininger, b. 18 Oct 1883, , , PA
Charles Irvin Reininger, b. 29 May 1885, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
James Harvey Reininger, b. 21 May 1887, Alum Bank, Bedford, PA

Eulalia Adelaide Reininger, b. 1908, , , PA

Theodore Reininger
Ethel Louise Reininger, b. 2 Mar 1911, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Raymond Melvin Reininger, b. 5 Jun 1914, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
George F. Reininger, b. 26 Feb 1916, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Donald G. Reininger
Richard Alvin Reininger
Thomas Craig Reininger
Robert Lee Reininger

Michelle Reininger
Travis Reininger
Craig Reininger

Joseph Leroy Reininger, b. 11 Nov 1916, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
James Harvey Reininger, Jr., b. 28 Feb 1918, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
John Alvin Reininger, b. 24 Feb 1919, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Garnet C. Reininger, b. 9 Aug 1920, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
David A. Reininger, b. 24 Jan 1922
Emma May Reininger, b. 26 Mar 1924
Meriam Ruth Reininger, b. 5 Sep 1926
Cora Rosela Reininger

James Alvin Reininger
Roger William Reininger
Edwin Bates Reininger, b. 7 Nov 1949, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Tammy L. Reininger
Beth Ann Reininger
Scott A. Reininger

Melinda S. McKinney
Ryan P. McKinney

Jessica L. Walukas
Danielle M. Walukas

Emily M. Reininger
Remi N. Reininger
Penelope Paige Reininger

Vicki Lea Reininger
Wendy Joy Reininger

Heather Alysia Ryan
Zachary David Ryan

Eli Reininger
Mahlon Reininger, b. 29 Jun 1850, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Eli Reininger, b. 10 Nov 1851, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Thomas Blackburn Reininger, b. 23 Nov 1853, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Minerva Reininger, b. Aug 1855, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Simon Reininger, b. Sep 1857, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
William Henry Reininger, b. 30 Jul 1859, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Levi Reininger, b. Jan 1861, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Evaline Reininger, b. 16 May 1862, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Jemima Reininger, b. 18 Feb 1880, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
William Daniel Reininger, b. 13 Nov 1882, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Margaret Reininger, b. 25 Nov 1885, , Bedford, PA
Clara Viola Reininger, b. 3 Nov 1887, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Hannah Elizabeth Reininger, b. 4 Mar 1892, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Ruie Reininger, b. 21 Sep 1906, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Kenneth E. Reininger, b. 3 Nov 1908, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Dale E. Reininger, b. 3 Jul 1915, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Pauline Reininger, b. 11 Mar 1905, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Mae Reininger, b. 28 Apr 1911, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Kathryn Lucille Reininger, b. 22 Jul 1918, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Glenn William Reininger, b. 16 Oct 1922, , Bedford, PA
Harry Murray Reininger, b. 31 Aug 1925, , Bedford, PA
Cora LaVerne Reininger

Hannah Marjorie Turner, b. 5 May 1924, Fishertown, Bedford, PA

Janet Elaine Miller
Ellen Mae Miller
Rean James Miller, b. 10 Sep 1946
Carol J. Miller

Emma Jean Parks

Maria Elena Roberts

Christopher James Miller
Marilyn Jane Miller
Rean James Miller

Dawn Michelle Marshall
Joanne Elaine Marshall
Jessica Irene Marshall

Dorothy Ann Wertz
Beverly J. Cuppett
William Wertz
Elsie Wertz

Tonya Suzanne Brown
Tammy Brown
Troy Brown
Trina Brown

Falon Suzanne Wolfe
Lynnsie Jane Wolfe
Mariah Elizabeth Wolfe

James V. Hafer
Bordor William Hafer

Travis Keith Brown
Cory Milburn
Justin Milburn
Bradley Milburn

Destiny Michelle Brown
Alivia Dawn Brown

Hailey Jean Roudabush

Alyce Urice

Kenneth Bruce Reininger
Robert William Reininger
Arthur Wayne Reininger, b. 19 Mar 1960, , , PA

Lexie Kay Reininger
Mason Guinn Reininger

William Tyler Reininger
Robert Zachary Reininger

Galen Reininger, b. 20 Jan 1950, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Lucille Reininger, b. 16 Dec 1950, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Rhea Elaine Reininger

James Allen Feather
Nina Sue Feather
Pamela Jan Feather
Kevin Mark Feather

Garth Wagoner

Sara Grozanick
Rachel Grozanick

Harold Eli Ebersole, b. 9 Jan 1918, Altoona, Blair, PA (possible sibling?)

Suzanne Margaret Ebersole
Dorothy Louise Ebersole
John Albert Ebersole
Raymond Harold Ebersole

Charles William Stufft, b. 1 Aug 1920, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Vernon Paul Stufft, b. 15 Apr 1928, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Charles Hans Stufft
William Samuel Stufft
Margaret Elizabeth Stufft
George Eli Stufft, b. 23 May 1959
Paul Richard Stufft
Rozanne Lorraine Stufft

James Charles Braman

Robert Lee Bollman

Mable Alice Reininger, b. 29 Dec 1886, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Anna Mary Reininger, b. 19 Jan 1889, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

Charles Reininger Moore, b. 3 Oct 1916, , Cambria, PA
Mabel Louise Moore, b. 21 Apr 1918, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Enid LaVerne Moore, b. 27 Nov 1919, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
Alice Bernice Moore, b. 14 Dec 1921, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Larry William Carbaugh
Linda Lee Carbaugh
Terry Lee Carbaugh
Charlene Ruth Carbaugh

Tami Lynn Harding
Michele Lee Harding

Cory O'Neil Carbaugh

Robert Paul Vespa
Maria Anna Vespa
Richard William Vespa

Daisy Reininger, b. 25 Jun 1888, , , PA

Oscar Levi Reininger, b. 27 Jan 1893, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
William Jennings Reininger, b. 25 Dec 1894, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Martha Catherine Reininger, b. 18 May 1902, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Marjorie Reininger, b. 27 Mar 1904, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Minnie Reininger, b. 27 Mar 1904, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Ruth Rebecca Reininger, b. 9 Sep 1905, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Edith M. Reininger, b. 4 Jan 1907, , Bedford, PA

Betty Rock

Dorothy L. Wentz
William M. Wentz
Patricia Ann Wentz
Gary V. Wentz

Dean W. Sarver
Lawrence E. Sarver
Donna F. Sarver, b. 4 May 1966, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA
Delores J. Sarver
Scott Sarver
Tracey Sarver

Autumn Dawn Miller
Dakota Brady Miller

William Brian Wentz
Bradley Troy Wentz
Angela Christine Wentz

Jody Lyn Whetstone

Jennifer Lynn Wentz
Jamie Wentz
Jeremy Lee Wentz

Alyssa Marie Johnson

Dorothy L. Reininger, b. 25 Nov 1918
William L. Reininger

Anna M. Reininger

William Joseph Miller, b. Abt 1928, , Cambria, PA
Richard LeRoy Miller
Raymond Walter Miller, b. 7 Oct 1933, Croyle Twp., Cambria, PA
Calvin Edward Miller
Paul Donald Miller

William Joseph Miller
Joanna Ruth Miller
Thomas Miller

Dorothy Flynn
Richard LeRoy Miller
Rodney Miller

Raymond Walter Miller
Catharine Jane Miller
Carol Lynn Miller

Donald Diehl, b. 17 Oct 1926, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Barbara Jane Diehl, b. 19 Oct 1929, Greenfield Twp., Blair, PA
Phyllis Ann Diehl
Nancy Ellen Diehl, b. 24 Jan 1941, Claysburg, Blair, PA

Lawrence Scott Diehl
Mindy Sue Diehl, b. 1 Dec 1954

Wilhelmina Elizabeth Zeidler

Beatrice Frederika Diehl

Charles Leo Ross
Gwendolyn Ross

Charles Ross
Michael Ross
Jennifer Ross

Richard A. Hite
Douglas Richard Hite

Craig Allen Claycomb
Ann Elizabeth Claycomb

Matthew Jacob Claycomb

Oscar Reininger, b. Nov 1926, Alum Bank, Bedford, PA
Richard Clair Reininger, b. Apr 1929, Alum Bank, Bedford, PA

Thomas Blackburn Nunamaker, b. Dec 1847, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Elizabeth Nunamaker, b. 10 Apr 1849, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Eli Nunamaker, b. Oct 1850, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
John B. Nunamaker, b. 13 Dec 1851, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Mary Nunamaker, b. 1853, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Henry Blackburn Nunamaker, b. 1855, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Abraham Nunamaker, b. 1855, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Azariah Nunamaker, b. 5 Apr 1857, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Mahlon B. Nunamaker, b. Apr 1860, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Emma Nunamaker, b. 4 Nov 1861, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Susana Nunamaker, b. 25 Apr 1864, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Ida Jane Nunamaker, b. Sep 1873, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
George W. Nunamaker, b. Apr 1884, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Effie P. Nunamaker, b. Jan 1888, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Franklin Foster Nunamaker, b. 17 Sep 1889, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Bessie R. Blackburn, b. Apr 1890, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Harry C. Blackburn, b. 11 Oct 1891, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Effie P. Blackburn, b. Feb 1893, , , PA
Cleo Pearl Blackburn, b. 26 Feb 1895, Dale, Cambria, PA
Robert B. Blackburn, b. 16 Aug 1897, Dale, Cambria, PA
Clair B. Blackburn, b. 5 Apr 1901, , , PA
Ruth E. Blackburn, b. Abt 1906, , , PA
Clewell B. Blackburn, b. 23 May 1908, , Bedford, PA
James R. Blackburn, b. 28 Mar 1913, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Ruth E. Oldham, b. 21 Feb 1902, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Lyle Griffin Oldham, b. Abt 1922, , , PA

Cleopatra Held, b. Abt 1903, , , PA
Anna E. Blackburn, b. 29 Aug 1923, Johnstown, Cambria, PA

Delores Mae Kokoruda, b. 9 Dec 1929, Johnstown, Cambria, PA
David Griffin Oldham
Reon Lyle Oldham
Lyle Drew Oldham

Grace Fink
David Griffin Oldham
Shannon Leigh Oldham
Kaleigh Grace Oldham
Jacob Lyle Oldham

Michael P. Sirko
Mallory Mae Sirkov

Carol Ann Callihan
Benjamin Robert Oldham

William Hunt
Robert W. Hunt

Frederick D. Phillips, b. 24 Jul 1921, , , PA

George Kauffman, b. 9 Feb 1902
Clinton Kauffman, b. 16 Mar 1924, , , PA
Dean N. Kauffman, b. Abt 1928, , , PA
Harry Zane Kauffman
William Evans (2nd husband)

Marion Hisoski
Robert E. Blackburn

Frank Elwin Teets, b. 1 Oct 1878, , , PA

Frances V. Teets, b. Abt 1912, , , OH

Ora Miller, b. Feb 1897, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA Married 22 Jun 1921

Grace Nunamaker, b. Abt 1922, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Harry J. Nunamaker, b. Abt 1925, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Ruth A. Nunamaker, b. 3 Oct 1925, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA
Bertha Nunamaker, b. Abt 1927, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Carl E. Gibson, b. 30 Dec 1918, Everett, Bedford, PA

Mary L. Gibson
Carrol Gibson
John P. Gibson
Ronnie L. Gibson

Lula Jean ---, b. 18 Nov 1925, Rainsburg, Bedford, PA

Larry Nunamaker
Ronald G. Nunamaker

Lisa Blattenberger

Wendy Jo Nunamaker
Amy Lynn Nunamaker

Dan Swartz

Allie Darlene Swartz

Roger Nunamaker

John L. Speicher, b. 3 May 1928

John E. Speicher
Irvin E. Speicher
Fred A. Speicherv Edith Speicher
Donald J. Speicher
Beverly Speicher
Henry J. Speicher

Elizabeth Carson, b. 1842, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA Married 2 May 1876

Simon Ealy Nunamaker, b. 20 May 1877, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Bertha M. Miller, b. 4 Mar 1882, , , PA Married 22 Nov 1900 Schellsburg, Bedford, PA

Charles F. Nunamaker, b. Abt 1902, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Ruth L. Nunamaker, b. 17 Mar 1904, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Dorothy Irene Nunamaker, b. 7 Dec 1916, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Charles Fyock, b. 22 Jan 1897, , , PA Married 14 Jun 1922

Patricia Ruth Fyock

Gerald E. Deffenbaugh

Wayne Deffenbaugh
Larry L. Deffenbaugh
Marie Deffenbaugh
Shelby Deffenbaugh

Louis Charles Fyock, b. 5 May 1914, , , PA Married 28 Jul 1938

Miriam Cecile Fyock
Terry Louis Fyock
David Lee Fyock
Lynne Anette Fyock
Delain Mark Fyock

Ruth Ellen Davis, b. 14 Oct 1853, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA Married 7 Mar 1872

Ealy Irvin Nunamaker, b. 15 Dec 1872, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Carrie May Nunamaker, b. 27 May 1877, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Harvey Blaine Nunamaker, b. 12 Dec 1886, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Chester Harrison Nunamaker, b. 12 Apr 1890, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Sarah Cleo Harbaugh, b. 1 Sep 1873, Union Twp., Bedford, PA Married 24 Dec 1896

Lily Nunamaker, b. 17 Apr 1898, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Clewell Oscar Nunamaker, b. 12 Aug 1902, Napier Twp., Bedford, PAv Bruce Vernon Nunamaker, b. 13 Sep 1910, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Warren Nunamaker

Lester D. Leppert, b. 21 Jun 1898, , , PA

Howard V. Leppert, b. 6 Feb 1920, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Roy Junior Leppert, b. 22 Jul 1921, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Irvin Leppert
Lester Don Leppert, b. 15 Aug 1926, , Bedford, PA
Bivian Leppert, b. 26 Apr 1929, , Bedford, PA
Vera M. Leppert
Genevieve M. Leppert
Anna Jane Leppert

Aldine O. Smith, b. 28 Apr 1922, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA Married 9 Aug 1941

Ernest V. Leppert
Cloyd Duane Leppert

Edna Stayer Married 10 Sep 1989 Everett, Bedford, PA

Donna M. Smith

Kevin Leppert

Kimberly Corle

Hannah Paige Leppert

Dorothy Ann Harr

Cloyd Duane Leppert, Jr.
Angela Lynn Leppert
Chad Duane Leppert

Wayne Alan Claar Married 30 Sep 2000

Zane Alan Claar

Wendy Lee Clark Married 27 May 1995

Cale Duane Leppert
Caylen Elaine Leppert
Cali Lee Leppert

Betty Mae Rose, b. 12 Sep 1925, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, PA Married 7 Oct 1945 Pleasantville, Bedford, PA

Boyd Leppert
Bonnie Leppert
Dennis Roy Leppert
Marilyn Leppert
Lilly Jane Leppert, b. 16 Jul 1955, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA
Beth Ann Leppert

Randy D. Kaiser

Amy Sue Kaiser
Brad D. Kaiser

Robyn Hollingshead

Colby Dennis Leppert

William Dean Earnest

Gregory William Earnestv Stacy Sue Earnest

Homer Krug

Cole Earnest

Kaitlyn Larissa Marra

Lee Allen Packard

Brenna Nichole Packard
Shaylee Marin Packard
Emerson Riley Packard

Beverly Chamberlain

Margaret Holdren, b. 13 Dec 1929, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA Married 11 Aug 1948

Geraldine Leppert
Larry D. Leppert
Beverly J. Leppert, b. 9 Mar 1953, St. Clairsville, Bedford, PA
Zane T. Leppert, b. 17 Oct 1958

--- McDonald

Travis McDonald
Matthew McDonald
Cheyenne McDonald

Susanne M. Beard Married 13 Oct 1984

Andrew Dennison Leppert
Margaret Mae Leppert

Harry C. Smith, b. 2 Nov 1928, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA Married 6 Mar 1948

Barbara Smith
Gloria Smith, b. 14 May 1953, , Bedford, PA
Sandra Smith

John E. Mortimore

Tammy L. Mortimore
Kristi Nicole Mortimore

James G. Petrou

Tyler James Petrou
Jonathan Thomas Petrou

Jack D. Beegle

Donna Beegle
Jacqueline Beegle
Wanda Jane Beegle

Michelle Ashley Reichert

Family 2: John Perdew

Michael Nee

Justine Nee

Jeremy A. Leister

Jillian Michelle Leister
Elizabeth Grace Leister

Warren Andrew College, b. Abt 1929, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Randy Warren College
Lorie Lynne College

Jesse College

Todd Lee Wareham Married 10 Jun 1989 Schellsburg, Bedford, PA Nicole Heather Wareham

Kelsey Brooke Wareham

Ross H. Fisher

Rodney Glenn Fisher

Michele Anderson

Caleb Jay Fisher

Frances McCreary, b. 12 Feb 1914, St. Clairsville, Bedford, PA Married 1 Sep 1930

Cathaline Nunamaker

Edgar Lynn Manges, b. 21 Jan 1929, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA

Edgar Lynn Manges
Rodney L. Manges
Cindy L. Manges
Karmel Manges
Bobbi Jo Manges
Shawn Manges

Charlotte Bozich

Chrystal Lee Manges

James R. Way

Caleb James Way
Caitlin Frances Way

Steven Ray Whisel

Ryan Levii Whisel

Dennis Whetstone

David Whetstone

Mildred Lovemma Bowser, b. 7 Sep 1910, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA Married 22 May 1930 Cumberland, Allegany, MD

Vernon Ralph Nunamaker
Janet Nunamaker
Llene Nunamaker

Lavon Pearl Nicodemus

Linda Dianne Nunamaker
Lorraine Marie Nunamaker
Cathy Elaine Nunamaker

Glenn Alfred Oldham

Jeremy Glenn Oldham
Janna Linn Oldham

Frank Zorovich

Adam Bradley Zorovich
Clarissa Marie Zorovich
Amy Rae Zorovich

Family 2: Stephen W. Helsley

Keith Stevanus

Justin Keith Stevanus
Brandon Stevanus

Palmer M. Hillegass

David B. Hillegass
Christine M. Hillegass, b. 5 Nov 1961, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA
Gail Lynn Hillegass

Lisa Sloan

Michael David Hillegass
Heather Rachel Hillegass

Owen L. Miller

Dale Leon Miller
Karen Miller
Lorne L. Miller

Donna Ann Todaro

Dawnelle Lynn Miller

Lori Ann Mellott

Kathryn Nicole Miller Deremer

Kenneth Stiffler

Miranda Isa Stiffler
Kyle Edward Stiffler

Donna F. Sarver, b. 4 May 1966, Snake Spring Twp., Bedford, PA

Autumn Dawn Miller
Dakota Brady Miller

Emery G. Kimmel, b. 1 Oct 1874, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA Married 9 Sep 1897 Pleasantville, Bedford, PA

Dorsey Hobart Kimmel, b. 24 Mar 1898, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Foster G. Kimmel, b. 21 May 1900, New Paris, Bedford, PA
Claude Harry Kimmel, b. 23 Aug 1902, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
John Herbert Kimmel, b. Oct 1904, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Thomas Harvey Kimmel, b. 4 Dec 1905, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Richard W. Kimmel, b. 13 Apr 1908, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Ruth I. Kimmel, b. 14 May 1915, Juniata Twp., Bedford, PA

Katherine Newcomer

Carole Kimmel

Clair Rose

James Rose

Catherine Hoover

Stanford Kimmel
Richard Kimmel
Robert Kimmel

Ruth Edna Mickle, b. 29 Aug 1905, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Joanne M. Kimmel
Robert T. Kimmel

Albert Otis Mock, Jr., b. 1 Jul 1935, Woodbury Twp., Bedford, PA Married 6 Feb 1960

Beth Mock
Cathy Lynn Mock

Rodger Mellott

Brett Mellott
Matt Mellott

Hazel Hodge

Mae Ruth Kimmel
David R. Kimmel

John Stanton Morgart, b. 28 Aug 1913, W. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA Married 14 Jun 1933

Harry Richard Morgart
Jack Alan Morgart
John Patrick Morgart

Dorothy Clites

Richard Wayne Morgart
Joel Lynn Morgart

Grace Winegardner

Stephen Morgart
John Patrick Morgart

Charlotte Olive Potts, b. 25 Aug 1891, , Somerset, PA Married 28 Dec 1910 New Paris, Bedford, PA

Erdean Velva Nunamaker, b. 18 Sep 1911, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Donald Reel Nunamaker, b. 9 May 1913, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Shelah LaVern Nunamaker, b. 3 Dec 1914, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
William Bernard Nunamaker, b. 11 Jan 1917, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Keith Max Nunamaker, b. 28 Sep 1921, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Autry Timmons Nunamaker

Forrest Glenn Bence, b. 25 Apr 1910, Juniata Twp., Bedford, PA Married 21 Jun 1934

Shelah Rose Bence
William Glenn Bence
George Wayne Bence, b. 11 Sep 1940

Emery A. Turner

Scott Emery Turner

Beverly Mickle

Wendy Kay Bence
Brian Glenn Bence

Janice Lynn Berkey

Jeremy Paul Bence

Anna Mary Earnest, b. 30 Jun 1909, E. St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA Married 18 Sep 1937

Sherry Earnest Nunamaker

Homer George Gordon Married 3 Sep 1936

Zane George Gordon
Faye Louise Gordon
Kaye LaVern Gordon

Nancy Claycomb

Gary Zane Gordon
Joy Angel Gordonv Opal LaVern Gordon

John R. Mort, b. 24 Nov 1935, Six Mile Run, Bedford, PA

Rodney Zane Mort
Robin Kaye Mort
Timothy Scott Mort
Kevin Earl Mort
Shawn Harvey Mort

Nancy Buffy

Autumn Nicole Mort
Michael Brandon Mort

Jennifer Tracy Houchin

Terance Payton Mort
Daniel Taylor Mort

James Thomas Pogue

James Thomas Pogue
Dianna Lynn Pogue

Gladys June Lawson, b. 29 May 1921, Dean Twp., Cambria, PA Married 7 Nov 1943

Ronald Guy Nunamaker
Curtis Lee Nunamaker

Cornelia Mickle, b. 23 May 1917, New Paris, Bedford, PA
Married 30 Jun 1947

Susan Nunamaker
Linda Nunamaker

Jeanne Elizabeth Little

Ann Michele Nunamaker
Deborah Kay Nunamaker

Nettie May Earnest, b. 10 Apr 1887, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA
Married 25 Nov 1909

George Wilmer Nunamaker, b. 23 May 1910, , , PA
Mildred Ellen Nunamaker, b. 3 Jan 1915, Windber, Somerset, PA
Alta Edna Nunamaker, b. 21 Feb 1917, New Paris, Bedford, PA

Hazel H. Donahoe

John Nunamaker
Fay Nunamaker

Lucile Statler

Harry Russell Holderbaum, b. 2 Nov 1914, Napier Twp., Bedford, PA

Wilbur Wilson Holderbaum
Alta Marguerite Holderbaum

Warren Ellis Diehl

LaVada Dorothy Diehl
Deborah Lynn Diehl

Edwin Melenyzer

Donald Carl Baer, Jr.

Laurette Dawn Baer

Larry Walter McGrady

Lindsey Marie Boyle

John Anderson Boyle

Tanner Boyle
Leroy W. Mingle, b. 22 Oct 1900 Married 28 Jun 1939

Kenneth L. Mingle